Standard Club Summary

Standard Club News Summary April 2013

The Standard Club issues a variety of publications and alerts on website on topical issues and club updates. Please find below links to news and publications issued by the Standard Club during April 2013:

Standard Club Hull Facility

18 April 2013 Web Alert: Standard Club Hull Facility


3 April 2013 Standard Bulletin: April 2013


24 April 2013 Standard Europe Circular: New banking arrangements


9 April 2013 RHL Maritime Law & Marine Insurance Claims Course 16-20 September 2013

Crew contracts and employment

8 April 2013 Web Alert: POEA Employment contract revised

8 April 2013 Web Alert: Supreme Court rules death during shore leave is not work related and hence not compensable

Cargo liabilities

16 April 2013 Web Alert: ExxonMobilvoy 2012 form of charter party


24 April 2013 Web Alert: Increase in Turkish Pollution Fines

25 April 2013 Web alert: BP V Transocean

International Group

5 April 2013 Web Alert: International Group Managers’ large casualty working group report

8 April 2013 Web Alert: International Group of P&I Clubs 2012/13 Annual Review

Legislation updates

26 April 2013 Web Alert: 2002 Athens Protocol will enter into force in 2014

29 April 2013 Web Alert: Amendments to SOLAS – Lifeboat On-Load Release Mechanisms

Safety and Loss

29 April 2013 Web Alert: The Human Element DVD