• Injury, illness and death of persons other than seamen, e.g., visitors to the ship, stevedores, etc.
  • Injury, illness and death of seamen, also repatriation and substitute costs, the cost of diverting the vessel to secure treatment or awaiting a substitute or for landing stowaways or refugees.
  • Injury, illness and repatriation of wives and children of seamen on board an entered ship.
  • Liabilities to stowaways, deserters, refugees and persons saved at sea and also life salvage costs.
  • Loss of personal effects of crew and passengers.
  • Liability to passengers under terms of passage contract.
  • Quarantine and disinfection expenses resulting from an outbreak of an infectious disease on board the ship.
  • Collision with other vessels and raising or lighting of the wreck or cargo.
  • Damage to any property not on board the vessel, e.g., fixed or floating objects such as piers, wharves, jetties, cranes or buoys, etc.
  • Pollution of land, sea or air by any discharge from the ship or caused by the ship.
  • Towage contract liabilities.
  • Liabilities arising from indemnities and contracts for other services to the entered ship under previously approved terms.
  • Removal of the wreck of the entered ship.
  • Cargo liabilities, e.g., loss, damage, shortage, etc., carried under approved contracts of carriage.
  • Cargoes proportion of general average, irrecoverable from cargo interests due to a breach of the contract of carriage by the member’s vessel.
  • The ship’s proportion of general average where the vessel is assessed for contribution based on a valuation in excess of the insured value in the hull policy.
  • Property, other than cargo, on board, e.g., containers (but not those owned or leased by the member), equipment, bunkers, etc.
  • Containers, owned or leased by the member, intended for carriage on board an entered ship and deemed to be an extension of the entered ship (even when away from the ship), but on previously agreed terms. (N.B. This rule covers through-transport contracts.)
  • Fines for breach of regulations relating to safe working conditions and practices, immigration, smuggling, ship or cargo documentation and pollution.
  • Confiscation of the ship for breach of any custom law or regulations.
  • Sue and labour and legal costs incurred in minimizing any insured liability.

The above list mentions only the main items of cover. There are a number of provisos, limitations on cover and exclusion clauses which are beyond the scope of this literate.

important !!!

Members are advised always to carefully read the rule book and to consult us or the P&I club with any questions concerning the cover.
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