To enter the contract, the procedure is:

  • Provide us with ship particular/ details vessel and documents (e.g. specification, class, flag, build, GT, etc)
  • To complete the application form (when Confirmation of Cover released by the P&I Club).

Based on the information provided by you, we will determine the amount of coverage, rate of the insurance premium, deductibles, payment schedule and other terms that will then be negotiated with you.

Condition Survey

These surveys were introduced by the P & I clubs in the early 1970s in order to ensure that, before vessels of a certain age were entered for membership, they had fully complied with their class recommendation and that the general condition of the ships and their engines met with a required standard. The vessel’s various certificates are also checked to ensure they are in date. The surveys are repeated periodically and can be undertaken at any time and in any place the P & I club requires. If the vessel does not conform to the required standard, her P & I cover may be temporarily suspended until the position is rectified.
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