Protection and Indemnity

To assist Indonesian Shipowner / Operators as our client, in selection of an appropriate P&I Clubs / Underwriter with whom to place their P&I insurance coverage at the competitive premium cost available. We identify and analyze clients’ risks as to minimize clients’ exposure to risk with emphasis on quality coverage that meet clients’ requirement.We do however our best services through our international network with worldwide reputable London Insurance broker.
P&I cover is to protect the ship owner's interests against claims from third parties and to indemnify him in case ship owner is liable to compensate third party losses.

Class I - Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

This is general liability insurance, which would cover ship owners' liability for main exposures they may face in today's shipping, including, but not limited to :

  • Cargo
  • Crew
  • Passenger (and other persons carried on board) liability
  • Stowaways and refugees
  • Collision and contact with fixed or floating objects
  • Pollution
  • Wreck removal
  • General Average not recoverable under Hull policy
  • Fines
  • Quarantine

Class II - Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FD&D):

This insurance is covering ship owners' reasonable costs for necessary legal assistance in relation to disputes, which are directly connected with the operation of the insured vessel.
It goes without saying that you do not need to be liable to be held liable, so FD&D cover is becoming more and more popular within shipping community these days.

The P&I Insurance product that we offer is P&I facility with Fixed Premium Basis wherein no “Advance Calls”, “Supplementary Calls” and “Release Calls”, as applied by the Mutual Clubs.

What is mutual club

The term “club” embodies Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Associations, Was Risk Associations and Hull and Machinery Clubs, all operating on a mutual basis. “P”, Protection, relates to cover for third party risks and “I”for Indemnity; where owners pay first and are then reimbursed or indemnified, by the club.

Marine Hull & Machinery

The Ship-owners that already become a member P&I Club could request protection cover of Marine Hull & Machinery for the entered Vessel by request.We would assist you to provide insurance coverage for vessels of any size, type and value, including dry cargo carriers, tankers, passenger vessels, fishing and research vessels, floating cranes and drill rigs, etc.

Insurance object

  • vessel’s hull, machinery and equipment during their operation;

Insurance risks:
  • losses due to total loss of the vessel or expenses due to repair of damages to vessel’s hull, machinery or equipment;
  • vessel’s share in losses, expenses and contribution allowed in general average;
  • necessary and properly incurred expenses for the salvage of the vessel;
  • necessary and reasonable expenses for preventing, minimizing the loss or ascertaining it’s extent.

The following risks are subject to additional coverage:
  • loss of hire;
  • war risks;
  • collision liability with vessels (RDC) and/or fixed floating objects (FFO).

Three-fourths r.d.c cover

Hull insurance covering collision usually includes only three-fourths of the liabilities to third parties for collision and contact to vessels (also referred to as “running down”) where there has been negligence and always provided that there is legal liability. The remaining quarter and liability for fixed and floating objects is left to the ship-owners to insure which is, usually, included in the P&I club entry. Liability for owner’s general average and salvage losses or contributions is also included.
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