P & I Documentation

P & I Claim Documentation

The following checklist provides a guide to the information that wherever possible should be provided when notifying us of any new incident. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list:

  1. Certificate of Entry Number:
  2. Name of Ship:
  3. IMO Number & Flag:
  4. Identity of Insured: (i.e. the party named as the insured)
  5. Port or place of incident:
  6. Date of incident:
  7. Voyage details:
  8. Incident details: (brief description of events giving rise to incident, nature of damage so far as known)
  9. Cargo type/damage.
  10. Name of colliding vessel.
  11. Berth name.
  12. Name of injured person(s). Pollution. Grounding position, etc)
  13. Contact details of notifying party: (office, out of office, e-mail, mobile for
  14. Organisation/people involved in the incident response)
  15. Name of local agent or representative:
  16. Action taken: (as much detail as possible in order to ensure that necessary steps can be taken to organise appropriate response)

P & I Appointing expert/surveyor.

Quite often, especially in cargo or property damage cases, a local surveyor will be appointed by the P&I correspondent to attend on board the vessel as quickly as possible. The surveyor will then be in a position to assess the situation and assist the master to deal with theimmediate problem. The feedback from the surveyor may well determine whether a specialist consultant, with more knowledge of the particular type of claim, should be commissioned to attend. In a serious incident, which is likely to involve a substantial potential claim, it may be appropriate for a lawyer to attend to collect the relevant evidence, perhaps take statements and possibly give early legal advice to the P&I club and the member.

In a similar way the other parties are also likely to be appointing their own surveyors andpossibly lawyers and specialist consultants.
The decisions as to who is instructed and how the immediate problem is dealt with willusually be made by the P&I claims handler at the club, in consultation with the member, after taking into account any advice or recommendations which may come from the local P&I correspondent, the surveyor, lawyer, consultant and of course the master.

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