H & M Claim Documentation

H & M Claim Documentation

There follows a list of the major documents which are required in support of a claim:

  • Log book (deck and engine room) extracts;
  • Master’s protest (if any);
  • Survey report/s;
  • Shipyard receipted accounts and vouchers;
  • Any recoveries following collision;
  • Policies;
  • Class certificates.

H & M Surveyor / Adjuster

Surveys are often held jointly between shipowner and insurer. At these joint surveys the owner’s representatives do not have to allege any possible cause of loss. This is considered by the owner and with the assistance of the adjuster/ broker is put to underwriter’s surveyor for subsequent agreement to establish the cause of loss/ insured peril. In most cases the Salvage Association will be introduced. Once the facts are established and decision have been made about repairs (and forwarding cargo, if transferred) average adjuster will advise how to protect owner’s interest for reimbursement of any expenses which be incurred and possible recoverable from parties other than hull insurers, such as cargo interests.

In due course the average adjustment will be produced, final claims submitted to insurers and other interested parties and the loss paid. Often in major repairs, interim payment may be requested from insurers. These are, on occasion, paid direct by insurers to repairers and may be progressive payments for expensive/ prolonged repairs.

In general average cases guarantees or deposits will be needed.
In certain hull policies owners are given liberty not to declare general average. This liberty is often exercised by liner companies who will carry cargo under a substantial number of bills of lading and do not wish to disturb their relationship with shippers or receivers. The hull insurers will then absorb a certain amount of the general average expenses.
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