P & I Claim

We believe our client should expect the highest possible professional standards in handling their claim and response that both quick and efficient. Many claim cases on P&I matter such as claim cases on oil pollution, collision and wreck removal are complex and require careful handling. Our professional claim team, therefore, have highest commitment in handling P&I Claim with full support from our global network as to ensure our clients that their claim is dealt with in the most effective, quick response and efficient.

The first notice of any incident should be made to P&I Club as promptly as practicable after occurrence. The sooner we are aware of the problem then the better equipped we are to ensure that appropriate resources are deployed with a view to ensuring the best possible outcome in each case.
In circumstances where urgent assistance is required, the Insured is welcome to contact us and or P&I Club claim assistance to the incident to request immediate assistance.

Hull and Machinery Claims

Prompt notification to us or underwriter when an accident or suspected accident to a vessel has occurred, so that timely action can follow. If there is an assured’s option under the policy, notification will also be given by them to an average adjuster. In addition, it is customary for the master if possible to contact the nearest Lloyd’s agent or other agents nominated by hull insurers. It is of assistance to the master if a comprehensive worldwide list of hull insurers’ representatives is carried on board. Time is of the essence since insurers will normally wish to appoint surveyors to assist the vessel as well to issue preliminary survey report assessing the extent of damage. It should be noted that the Institute Hull Clauses include a penalty clause for failure to give notice of any loss or damage which may result in a claim. Failure to comply can result in a 15 per cent deduction from the claim settlement.

Immediate notification should also be given to the appropriate P & I Club as there may be third-party claims against the ship for collision damage or damage to cargo on board. If there is extensive damage necessitating the vessel to call at a port of refuge for urgent repairs prompt notification will give insurers the option, if they wish, to choose the port. Should an arranged tow (as against an emergency tow) take the ship into an alternative port, insurers will have to be promptly advised. Insurers may require their surveyor to approve any tug or towage arrangements.

The shipowner will wish to have his own marine engineer or superintendent attend the ship to enable decisions and arrangements to be made concerning the cargo, crew and other details, particularly if the ship is unable to continue the voyage. This will include average adjusters/legal advice should termination of voyage be contemplated.

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